Thus far, we’ve encountered three of these bad boys. They are numbered 7, 6, and 8, respectively, which implies that there are at least five more. Each one is leather bound, color coded, and inscribed prominently with its appropriate roman numeral.

Seven, belonging to Diamondback, contains deeply coded instructions for the inscription of magical Patterns. These Patterns only represent the first four pages of a tome comparable to the Goblet of Fire, so who knows what the rest holds. It is Purple, Violet, or Maroon, depending on how particular you want to be.

Six, Orange, is in Dr. Gallows’ sizzling hands, and gives its owner an understanding of the sciences that dwarfs even the impressive milieu he came in with.

Eight was given to, and later lost by, the bizarre hero Diver. It is a warm goldenrod sort of Yellow, and maps out the various dimensions that intersect with our beloved Earth. According to Diver, most of them are shitty. Eight also contains a series of ledgers and documents that are used to maintain and modify their boundaries. It is now in the hands of someone far less benevolent.


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