Two-bit crook with a lucky streak ten miles long


Professional decoy, amateur speedbump, and the Dave to Sarah’s Buster.

For as long as he can remember Jackpot has always been a crook, and an unlucky one at that. In fact his first big con got him locked up, and his second got his head kicked in. But it was after this second incident that Jackpot’s luck turned around. At first it simply improved but then he found that he could actually control his, and others, luck at will. After this he was recruited by the crooked Mayor of Las Vegas to help with his less than savory “business ventures”. That is until he was caught skimming money off the top and the Mayor decided to try and have him killed. Since then he was recruited by Sarah Savage to help stick it to her old man, who just so happens to have been Jackpot’s old boss. Jackpot has since come to like the hero stuff just a little.


No Spandex Allowed Treewalkerr