Dr. Gallows

Mad Scientist, Pantheon Founder, Nerd


Power Set (Known): Gallows Humours
Liquefy, Buggy Blood
SFX: Splashback
SFX: Body Horror
Limit: Rotten Inside


Shortly after his eighth birthday, Henry Gallows decided that God did not exist. While his talents as an academic and surgeon brought him prestigious fellowships and six digit salaries, he never really had the sense life got any better after that. To Gallows, all of his efforts were merely busy work staving off the fear of death. In 2013, that dread was given physical form as an acidic rot eating the doctor away from the inside. At the time, he was working as a consultant at Multiplex East, and in desperation injected himself with a set of the company’s prototype “Medipedes”. While the robots were not capable of truly healing Gallows, for the last three years they have been mending his body faster than the corruption inside it could destroy him.

The tremendous resources that Gallows gained through Multiplex gave him an edge on the multitude of other superpowered individuals springing up around him. While most developed their powers in isolation, believing themselves to be the only ones of their kind, Gallows was able to actively seek out and catalogue a swath of American heroes, hand picking them for a project that he believes could absolve his suffering. The true purpose of The Pantheon is unclear, but Gallows’ invitation to the heroes at Sing Sing indicates that he intends for them to fill the seat that God never showed up to claim.

Dr. Gallows

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