Sarah Savage

Vegas' #1 Insurance Liability


Power Set: Biceps
Godlike Strength
SFX: Second Wind, Focused
Limit: Conscious Activation


Mayor Savage is very proud of his daughter. She’s got all A’s, an impeccable fashion sense, and the eye of every other reporter in Las Vegas. Oh, and her punches also carry more PSI than a trash compactor. Sarah’s messy attempts at heroism are a huge boon to his reputation, but the fact that it’s always his men that she’s attacking makes things a little more complicated.

Yes, Mayor Savage is a gangster, and his daughter a superhero bent on stopping him. In the year since Sarah acquired her powers, their home life has turned into a spiteful chess game that neither one of them really has much chance of winning, and the rest of Vegas is coming along for the ride. Left to her own devices, Sarah’s a little bit more like her father than she would like to admit, but as long as he’s there to rebel against, she plays the part of the crime-fighting hero. Dead useless when it comes to one-liners, though.

Sarah Savage

No Spandex Allowed wwallis