aka Scuba Spectre


Power Set (Known): The Bends
Ectoplasmic Armor, Porthole
SFX: Grab Bag
SFX: Incorporeal
Limit: Incorporeal

Power Set (Former): Book 8


Diver, birth name unknown, mastered Book 8 and used it to spend the last three years swimming between dimensions. His intention was to “trim the fat”, keeping the number of divergent realities surrounding Earth to a minimum. This plan went awry when Diver was intercepted by Satan, who took possession of Book 8 and used it to merge Hell and Jacksonville, FL.
Diver says with conviction that String Theory is bullshit, there is no greater plan for the world, and science is mostly just humanity’s favorite form of terror management. He’s also a jaded, ghostly tourist who rides Huffy bikes and speaks with a Stormtrooper voice. So take what he says with a grain of salt.


No Spandex Allowed wwallis