Daron "Diamond-Back" Demarko

Brooklyn's Savior and a Would be Edna Mode


Power Set: Path of the Patterns
Pattern of the Eyes
Pattern of the Door
Pattern of the Hare
Pattern of the Mosquito
SFX: Vigor Transfer
Limit: Asymmetric


Daron was born in a rough part of Brooklyn to a mother and father struggling to get by. As he watched friends and family fall into the gang life or drug culture he decided to make something of himself, putting his brains and his eye for fashion design to good use, getting himself into NYU’s college of design. While studying in the library three years ago Daron found a book with the roman numeral seven on the cover. The pages of the book were covered in symbols similar to the Buddhist mandala and strange writing. As he studied the book and the symbols found within, Daron began to understand the symbols and the magic contained within. With his new found abilities Daron decided to dedicate his life to helping his hometown by taking up the mantle of Diamond-Back.

Daron is perhaps the most famous of the heroes, being a minor celebrity in New York and making the front page of Reddit at least two times.

Daron "Diamond-Back" Demarko

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