Blue Ribbon

Enigmatic afro-japanese pseudo-samurai


Power Set (Known): Blessed Blade
Force Barrier, Air Walk, Katana, Enhanced Agility
SFX: Constructs
Limit: Disarm


The boys know a lot more about fighting Blue Ribbon than they do the girl herself. More a master of the Vespa than the sword, seventeen year old Blue has already bounced between the roles of ally and adversary more than once in the brief time she’s been on their radar. She is fiercely stubborn despite being largely aimless, and wanders the U.S. in search of…something. A teacher? A friend? Maybe just someone who can explain why the world has suddenly gone crazy.

What we do know is that the young heroine grew up in Nara, Japan to a military family, and has spent the last year seeking out people with similarly extraordinary abilities. This quest met with disappointing results, and last we saw her Blue Ribbon was pretty much in the wind.
She is led by a curious code of honor, but only time will tell where it leads her.

Blue Ribbon

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