No Spandex Allowed

Hell AND High Water

(Special Issue, Guest Artist)

In which Napalm Nate and the angel Eric Engle combat Satan following a ghost tour.
On Halloween, 2016, disaster struck Jacksonville as Satan himself laid siege to the unsuspecting city. Using a powerful book captured from the dimensional vagabond Diver, Satan, in the form of a particularly virile diner employee, used the local DMV as a staging ground to merge Hell and its American counterpart, Jacksonville.

Luckily, national hero “Napalm Nate” partnered with Engel, an ironically named and amnesiac seraphim to lead the charge against Hell’s armies. With the aid of Diver and a pair of overly-enthusiastic off duty Marines, the ragtag bunch captured I-95 and followed the highway to Satan’s bureaucratic stronghold. After a pitched battle, Nate and Engel dispatched the Prince of Lies (one of several incarnations, according to Diver), and brought peace back to Jacksonville.

Marring the heroes’ successful outing was the appearance of a mysterious Vietnamese agent, who swept through the chaos and made off with Book 8 before any of our heroes could retrieve it for themselves.



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